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Through captivating story-telling, hands-on activities, a behind-the-scenes virtual tour of Angelique Monet’s studio, and the book’s free augmented reality app, children recognize others' feelings and become more in touch with their own.  They are inspired to connect emotionally to the book’s main character, struggle, and triumph and learn strategies to effectively cope with those feelings.


For over 7 years, this event has grown nationally and the book has reached children all over the world. Good Morning America describes the book as a ‘story of courage born from a personal place and it’s not just for kids but empowering for adults as well which is the sign of a good children’s book.”


Together, Angelique knows we can build a world of Bravest Worriers!


Tour Reviews

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It is my pleasure to write a letter in support of Author/Illustrator Angelique Monet’s ‘A Day to Be Brave.’ The Georgia Division of Family and Children’s Services worked with Angelique to schedule, plan, and execute a live author reading for thousands of children in foster care.  Angelique provided an outline, schedule of events, and marketing materials to share with our children, their caregivers, and our DFCS staff.  


She made herself available for questions/comments; shared information about her own foster care experience; and was an overall joy to work with.  She created and sent out the registration links, and helped to ship her book, The Bravest Worrier, to thousands of children in foster care.  Each book included a personalized message from Angelique.  Not only were children provided with the book, but they were also given a message about courage and hope.  We received overwhelmingly positive feedback from caregivers and children about the illustration of the book and the execution of the reading by Angelique.


A Day to be Brave - Statewide Event  

Samantha Walker, LMSW Reunification Director 

State of Georgia’s Division of Family & Children Services

What Students are saying!

Dive into a world of bravery and resilience with 'A Day to be Brave'—an immersive experience that resonates long after the day is done. Through captivating storytelling, interactive demonstrations, and hands-on activities, children embark on a journey where courage knows no bounds. This exciting adventure not only entertains but also empowers students to face their fears head-on, arming them with the skills they need to flourish.


During the 'A Day to be Brave' event, children will walk away with a roadmap to success, including:


  • Tools to build self-worth.

  • Preparedness to recognize their strengths and ask for help.

  • Understanding that courage and fear coexist, facilitating emotional growth and change.

  • Means to cultivate their natural gifts and those they gain through education.


Join us for a day filled with inspiration and exploration:


  • Explore the imaginative universe of author/illustrator Angelique Monet.

  • Unravel the tale of 'The Bravest Worrier' and reveal the secrets of the Worry monster.

  • Embark on an exclusive behind-the-scenes studio tour, discovering treasures that ignite creativity.

  • Witness the wonder of live drawing and immerse yourself in the story with a captivating live reading of 'The Bravest Worrier'.

  • Experience the magic of 'The Bravest Worrier's augmented reality app, bringing the story to life in your own hands.

  • Don't miss out on this opportunity to empower your students to embrace courage and resilience like never before. Book 'A Day to be Brave' today and let's kindle a flame of bravery that will illuminate their path to a brighter future.