Frequently asked questions

What is the name of the app for The Bravest Worrier?

The name of the app is also called "The Bravest Worrier".

Does the app work on other books?

No. The Bravest Worrier app is programmed to use your device's camera to look for the images inside The Bravest Worrier book. When it recognizes The Bravest Worrier's images, the magic begins!

Is the The Bravest Worrier sold in stores?

Yes, you can find it at Barnes & Noble bookstores.

Why don't you see the worry monster's face in the story?

Good observation! You don't see the worry monster's face because he is just part of Zayny's imagination. He is part of her inside her mind.

Why does the sign say "Lost the Best of Me"?

She is hanging up the signs in the unworthy forest because she has been worried for so long that she has lost the best of herself. The best parts of her are, her joy, her laughter, her motivation, her sense of hope. She wanted to get the best of her back and this was her way of asking for help.

Did the character in real life really worry about all of those things?

Yes! She was worried about germs, bad dreams, not knowing all she could know, and the monsters she knew weren't real. Some of the worries like the "my hangnail growing bigger than the root of a tree and that hole (in the ground) swallowing me" are metaphors of how we can create wild scenarios to worry about.