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Husband and wife, Mr. Z and Angelique Monet, compose a dynamic duo whose creative synergy has defined their journey together. Their latest creation, 'The Bravest Worrier,' transcends mere literature—it's a testament to the enduring power of family and courage. Inspired by their daughter's journey, they embarked on a mission to conquer worry and nurture bravery in every worrier out there. Join them on this uplifting adventure as they inspire children and families everywhere to embrace courage and conquer their own fears.

Angelique Monet
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Angelique Monet's journey with poetry began at the tender age of eight, her pen weaving intricate tapestries of thought and emotion. For her, poetry is not just a means of expression—it's a cherished language, effortlessly flowing from her fingertips with every heartfelt verse. Her prose paints heartwarming narratives, brimming with meaningful adventures, resilient characters, and subtle humor. With a passion for tackling real-life issues, Angelique's stories serve as guiding lights for young minds navigating the complexities of life.

Becoming an artist came as a later revelation in Angelique's life. While she adores all aspects of art, it's color that truly captivates her soul. To her, color is the very essence of music and emotion in a piece. Initially daunted by the task of translating the visions in her mind onto canvas, Angelique grappled with the self-imposed barriers that often hinder artists. But with a newfound understanding came liberation—a moment of magic where she broke free from self-doubt and unleashed her creative spirit. Through her paintings, she brings to life the vibrant landscapes of her imagination.

When Angelique's eldest daughter found herself drowning in worries, Angelique knew she had to act. In a burst of inspiration, she penned a poem titled 'The Worriest Worrier in the Whole Wide World,' a work that later blossomed into the beloved book, 'The Bravest Worrier.' While the poem flowed effortlessly in just forty-five minutes, the journey to illustrate the story spanned one-thousand days—a testament to Angelique's unwavering commitment to her craft. Despite the inevitable moments of self-critique and doubt, she emerged triumphant, her dedication unwavering.

For Angelique, the gift of being both a writer and an artist is one she cherishes deeply. With boundless enthusiasm, she endeavors to share this gift with the world for years to come. As she continues to tour for 'The Bravest Worrier,' she eagerly dives into her next project, painting the vibrant hues of her second book.

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Meet Mr. Z: game creator, software engineer, soundscape producer, and dedicated father. The moment he laid eyes on The Bravest Worrier in its poetic form, he knew it was destined to become Angelique Monet's inaugural book. Fuelled by passion and determination, he wholeheartedly supported and encouraged her in making this dream a reality.

As the journey of the book tour unfolded, Mr. Z witnessed its profound impact on both children and adults alike. Inspired by this transformative experience, he embarked on a mission to empower readers to unlock their own bravery. Thus, 'The Bravest Worrier' augmented reality app was born—a groundbreaking platform that breathes life into the pages of the book.

In this immersive experience, readers join forces with the main character, Zayny, on a thrilling quest to banish the worry monster once and for all. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, Mr. Z collaborated with his daughter to record captivating voiceovers, ensuring that her voice resonates with courage and inspiration for readers of all ages. From karate moves to rocket flights, the app is packed with entertainment, delivering a seamless blend of fun and empowerment.

This innovative app has garnered praise from readers, parents, educators, mental health professionals, and child advocacy groups alike for its creative approach to fostering bravery. With a meticulously crafted soundscape, Mr. Z elevates storytelling to new heights, leaving a lasting impact on audiences of all ages.

As the synergy between 'The Bravest Worrier' book and the app continues to inspire, Mr. Z remains in awe of the profound impact they have on us all.

Mr. Z
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