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Husband and Wife dynamic duo Mr. Z and Angelique Monet have enjoyed supporting each other's artistic journeys many times throughout their marriage. The Bravest Worrier happens to be extra special because it started with their own daughter who once

worried all the time.  They knew they had it in them to help her become brave and defeat her own worry monster!

Angelique Monet
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Angelique Monet has been writing poetry since she was eight years old.   It is her most favorite way of communicating her thoughts and emotions.  When she sits down to write, poetry flows through her fingers.  It’s never forced or without reason. She writes heartwarming tales filled with meaningful adventures, strong characters, and undeniable humor.  She is a passionate writer and writes about important and real issues.  Life is a hard thing to figure out...especially as a child. Her stories take readers on exciting journeys that build their self-image, self-esteem, self-respect, and self-confidence.

Becoming an artist happened later in her life. Angelique love's all things art, but color is what really moves her.  Color is the music and emotion of a piece of art. She has always known that she could draw what was in front of her, but drawing what was in the artist’s mind was a different story.  Angelique understands that artists are critical of themselves and their work and ultimately end up standing in their own way.  Once she realized this, something magical happened…she freed herself.  She began painting things from her mind that she never dreamed she could do.  


When Angelique’s oldest daughter started worrying she worried about everything.  Her worries began to spiral, turning one worry into two and three and so on.  Angelique knew exactly what she must do.  She sat down and wrote her daughter a poem called The Worriest Worrier in the Whole Wide World that later became The Bravest Worrier book.  


It took Angelique just forty-five minutes to write The Bravest Worrier but one-thousand days to paint all the pictures. Angelique experienced all the normal self-criticizing and doubtful moments during those two and a half years, but she would do it all over again.  


Being a writer and an artist is truly a gift and Angelique wants to share that gift with the world for many years to come.  She continues to tour for The Bravest Worrier and is currently painting her second book.   

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Mr. Z, game creator, software engineer, soundscape producer, and father, knew from the moment he read The Bravest Worrier in its poem state that it had to be turned into Angelique Monet’s first book. He encouraged and supported her to make that a reality.


As the book tour journey began, Mr. Z was amazed with the impact it was having with children and adults.  He became inspired to empower the readers to embrace their own bravery and created the 'The Bravest Worrier' augmented reality app to bring the book to life.  The reader joins forces with the main character, Zayny, on an exciting adventure to make the worry monster disappear.  


Mr. Z collaborated with his daughter recording her voice for the

app’s page by page read-a-loud.  Playing back the voiceovers,

he knew that his daughter’s voice would drive the message of

courage home for readers of all ages. He also incorporated plenty of entertainment, from Zayny performing karate, backflips, and dancing to rockets flying, hidden messages, and most importantly making the worry monster disappear.  


Readers, parents, teachers, mental health professionals, and

child advocacy groups have all loved this app for encouraging bravery in such a fun, creative, and innovative way.  Mr. Z created

a soundscape for the app that helps tell the story in an immersive way that leaves a lasting impact on readers of all ages!

Mr. Z continues to be amazed by how much the 'The Bravest Worrier' book and app work together to inspire us all.

Mr. Z
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