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The BRAVEST Worrier'

'A Day to be Brave'! 

Social-Emotional Learning Author Event

Angelique Monet, poet, artist, and parent, used her life journey and imagination to write and illustrate a story, to support her daughter’s battle through worry.  This parenting moment created The Bravest Worrier movement!   


In 2016, when The Bravest Worrier hit selves, Angelique realized the widespread need for tools to battle worry and anxiety in children. This is when The Bravest Worrier’s ‘A Day to be Brave’ author event was born.


Using whimsical illustrations, cute characters, and poignant props, so far, more than 50,000 children connected with authentic dialogue about the isolation of worry and the bright spaces beyond worry, full of opportunities. But, the Bravest Worrier movement is just getting started.  Building a nation of Bravest Worriers continues! 

The Bravest Worrier movement directly impact thousands of children by promoting literacy, advocating self-esteem, 

inspiring courage and bringing bravery to life. 

Fueling The Bravest Worrier movement:


Zayny, a thoughtful, young girl who battles worry in the book The Bravest Worrier; 


An augmented reality app that uses a mobile device’s camera to bring The Bravest Worrier’s pages to life. Together Zayny & the reader embark on an exciting virtual adventure making worry disappear.


A Day to be Brave, an interactive author event, utilizing  storytelling and hands-on activities to model healthy ways to face worry opening doors for healthy discussions between adults and children about their fears; and


Beginning in 2020, a virtual version of A Day to be Brave event invites audiences into the studio of Angelique Monet where she delivers her message of bravery in a behind-the-scenes magical kind of way.

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