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Angelique Monet is an author, artist/illustrator, poet, and public speaker. As a lifelong creative, Angelique’s life mission is to inspire and empower through her pen and her paintbrush.

Angelique Monet
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Since she was eight years old, Angelique has been writing poetry to communicate her deepest thoughts and emotions. Audiences are swept into heartwarming tales filled with meaningful adventures, strong characters, and undeniable humor. Her mission is always to build self-confidence and make her readers feel less alone. 


Her deep love of art, color, creative expression, music, and prose are the elements fueling her life’s purpose allowing her to relish in magical moments both big and small. Through her art, Angelique hopes that her readers will eagerly learn to do the same.


Becoming an artist happened later in her life. Drawing what she saw in front of her came naturally, however drawing simply from her imagination took time. Using the style elements of 16-th century Dutch art, her favorite, she weaves magic from her paintbrush to bring her imagination to life which is demonstrated in her first picture book, The Bravest Worrier, created from a personal place. 


Angelique continues to share her gifts through her author tours and in the various other projects she’s currently dreaming up. 

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